Zong Free internet Script Http Android File Manager is a free and powerful local and network file and application manager, file manager, network manager and media manager. Users choose the world’s most powerful file manager.

Do you think your file is too big and you can’t manage it on your cellphone? Mini Mini Featured File Manager needs to manage programs on the phone daily! You can find phone troubleshooting solutions and built-in battery, with a comprehensive file manager in mobile applications such as music applications, phone applications, which will make your everyday life more comfortable and free. ۔

Select, cut, copy / paste, move, create, rename, search, share, send, hide, shortcut and manage your files from bookmarks on your desktop or laptop.


File Manager allows you to easily manage files and folders on your device and cloud storage. All you need to do is open the file manager immediately. Then see how many files and applications you can see on your device.

* Application Manager – Create rating, delete, backup, and shortcuts for your applications

upports 20+ languages.

Find and share files.

* Lack of support and compass.

100 100+ 3 Professional icons for different file types, toolbars and menu items.