New Camera Pro – DSLR Camera 2019 ❦ This New Camera Pro – DSLR Camera 2019 will turn your phone into professional camera wannabe, which can bring your mobile photography to the next level.

❦ The excellent fast camera features perform quickly giving your fast camera performance

❦ With full control over exposure, focus, white balance, ISO and another feature like a professional camera.

❦ You can burst camera mode with a configurable delay to create stop motion or create the time-lapse video

💎 New Camera Pro – DSLR Camera 2019, the gold standard for professional photography, provides a highly intuitive interface for beginners as well as DSLR-like controls for experts. Leveraging the capabilities of the phone, ProCamera HD is easy to use, yet deep when needed!

⏰ The best New Camera Pro – DSLR Camera 2019 application for Android. DSLR Camera 2019 is a photography application that allows you to make High Definition pictures like a pro fast and simply, utilizing all advantages of your phones or tablets. With this application, you can shot like professionals.

🍲 Features

❥ Live filter camera
❥ Collage & photo booth
❥ Allow adjusting specifications by hand
❥ Do not be bothered by the sounds that come out when you press.
❥ Excellent like the best camera HD performance
❥ Professional editing
❥ 116 hand-picked quality filters applied in real time.
❥ Make your subject to stand out with real-time blur effect.
❥ 60 Textures & Light Leaks.
❥ Customizable volume keys to perform the quick operation
❥ DSLR camera feature to adjust shutter speed
❥ Manual Focus like DSLR camera
❥ Manual Exposure
❥ Interval Shot for time-lapse and stop motion
❥ Location targeting feature
❥ +100 fonts
❥ +300 badges and stickers
❥ +200 unique shaped frames to perfect your photos.
❥ Compare with an original photo anytime
❥ Remove with multi-touch gesture and single-touch control.
❥ Option to lock the photo or 4k video in portrait or landscape orientation.
❥ 4K video recording on a supported device, turn your phone into the 4k camera
❥ Manual focusing distance; manual ISO
❥ Pro camera exposure lock
❥ Manual ISO/iso manual or just balance ISO
❥ Flash mode feature. Brightness, exposure setting
❥ Preview feature that shows the effects at a glance
❥ Freely adjust the strength of the photo effects
❥ Save to maximum resolution of your device.
❥ Photo Sharing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Kakaotalk, Line etc

New Camera Pro - DSLR Camera 2019

🥗 You will get the best and most fashionable landscapes and human pictures. With the professional HD camcorder, you’ll get superb photos with both the front and rear camcorders. Create high-resolution HD photos with excellent effects, photos and videos designed for videos and videos.

⚾️ Autofocus. Front and rear camera. High-resolution photo and video capture. New Camera Pro – DSLR Camera 2019 features scene mode, focus mode, burst mode, colour effects, white balance, and manual exposure lock, manual ISO. Choose to and 4k video quality and resolution.

🍋 Download this professional camera HD application to get the best, the best style, the best quality and the most stylish photos. Let’s start to record your 4k video of New Camera Pro – DSLR Camera 2019

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