Make Money Online from Adsmaal! provide you an amazing platform to build long constant cash flow through it’s unique Referral Program and from making deposits online.

Before we come to unlimited Income Plan through our refferal Program; let’s start reading to understand the whole about Adsmaal!

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  • Read FAQ’s Page, if needed.
  • Register your Free Account.
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You have four types of earnings.

  • Daily Golden Ads (Active)

Daily 5 Golden ads are given to active account holders which reward 5 Rs per ad. Total Amount will be 25 Rs daily if you watch all 5 the ads.

  • Referral Bonus

When you refer someone you will get 8 diamond ads when his account gets active. It rewards 50Rs per ad. Total Amount will be 400Rs for these ads.

  • SignUp Bonus

When you signup a new account here you will get 4 diamond ads. It rewards 50Rs per ad. Total Amount will be 200Rs for these ads.