💡Light VPN 💡, FREE VPN is an ABSOLUTELY FREE PROXY VPN SERVICE. NO PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS!!! Everyone can take full advantage of our free VPN application.

💡Light VPN 💡, SECURE VPN is a SECURE VPN PROXY SERVICE. Anonymity and security of Internet connections from anywhere in the world. Protect personal and confidential information from intruders. Security of your billing information. Secure payment online.

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💡Light VPN 💡, UNLIMITED VPN is an UNLIMITED PROXY VPN SERVICE. There are no restrictions on the amount of data. No connection time limit.

💡Light VPN 💡, FAST VPN is a FAST VPN PROXY SERVICE. You get maximum connection speed. Your Internet connection speed through our FAST VPN depends on the speed of your Internet connection and on the remoteness of the VPN server. We are constantly working to improve the quality of the connection.

💡Light VPN 💡, WORLD VPN is PROXY VPN SERVICE worldwide. We use 2 UDP / TCP protocols. More than 20 FREE VPN servers are available on each protocol. We are constantly adding new VPN PROXY servers from different countries.

💡Light VPN 💡, Wi-Fi, LTE / 4G, 3G – this is a VPN PROXY SERVICE for all android devices. Our FREE VPN is available on almost all versions of Android.

[appbox googleplay classicstudio.light.proxy.vpn&hl=en]

LIGHT VPN – Free VPN, Super Proxy, Fast VPN

💡Light VPN 💡, SIMPLE INTERFACE is PROXY VPN SERVICE with a simple and intuitive interface. Click on one button and our VPN will select the best server and connect automatically. Choose the connection protocol, we recommend TCP (after the change, you must manually reconnect). Choose applications for which you want to use FREE VPN (the default for all applications). Choose a server from different countries and improve the quality of the VPN connection, reducing the distance from you to the server.