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How quickly requests for withdrawal of funds are processed?

Requests for withdrawal of funds are processed manually.
the waiting time depends on the number of requests which are received.
the average processing time takes several hours.
during high load times the waiting time can be increased up to 48 hours.
be careful when entering a wallet for payments!!
if the wallet number was entered incorrectly:
if your withdrawal request is in “processing” mode contact the support service to cancel your request.
if your request has already been “processed” and you had specified an incorrect (but valid) wallet number it will not be possible to cancel it because the funds were transferred.
in the event that you specify a non-existent wallet number the funds will be returned to the balance of your account.

What payment methods are available on your site ph-mine cloud?

We work with payment systems perfect money , payeer bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, dogecoin.
in the future, the number of payment systems may be increased.
we do not pay commissions of payment systems for our customers when depositing or withdrawing funds.
please consider this.
the minimum withdrawal amounts are indicated without taking into account the commission of payment systems.
this means that the amount you receive will be less by the amount of the commission charged by the payment system for processing the transaction.
please consider this.

Remember to only use regular sends when sending Ether your deposit address(es), not from/via contracts.
Do not deposit any token not on our supported token list on the Supported Coins page – we will not be able to recover them for you if you do!