How to earn money from f-original The organizer is the administration of the resource located on the Internet. Participant – the user of the project, an individual receiving the services that the organizer provides, and in particular the “” project. The violator of these Rules is not a user of the project.
1.1. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes and / or additions to the rules of the game, the game process.
1.2 By registering, the participant agrees with the rules of the project and agrees not to violate them.
1.3 Information and restrictions not indicated on this page, but indicated on other pages of the site, are mandatory.


2.1 The organizer provides a playground to the participant for leisure and free time, and in no way forces the participant to use these services.
2.2 A participant may contribute his own funds to achieve an advantage in the game progress.
2.3 A participant can order payment of funds received as a result of his activities and achievements in the project. How to earn money from glock-money


3.1 Do not use profanity and words / phrases that do not meet the framework of “censorship” when communicating through the provided contacts for communication.
3.2 Timely report on identified errors and shortcomings in the work of the site and the game process and not use them for personal purposes.
3.10 Do not disseminate knowingly false information about the project.
3.11 Do not publish surfing links to copy sites of the project, as well as to any sites on behalf of the administrator.
3.12 Do not publish surfing links that stop the timer, or otherwise interfere with receiving pay-per-view.
3.13 Do not use a temporary or fake email when registering.
3.14. Do not change IP devices when using the site (VPN, anonymizers, etc.). All users using the same IP as the intruder are recognized as intruders. How to earn money from


4.1 Ensure maximum accessibility of the project on the Internet, report on all planned tech. works.
4.2 Constantly provide the possibility of withdrawing earned funds to participants who have not violated the Project Rules, without any restrictions, no later than three business days. In case of force majeure circumstances related to payment systems, the organizer has the right to delay payment for an indefinite period.
4.3. Observe the confidentiality regime in relation to the personal data of each project participant, except as otherwise specified in these Rules.
4.4 Provide timely technical support and assistance to project participants through the funds from the “Contacts” section.
4.5 Constantly improve the project to ensure that all project conditions are met.
4.6 Maintain and correctly distribute the game reserve of the project to provide stable and regular payments to participants.


5.1 To block or remove a participant from the game without returning the invested funds and compensating for the time spent in case of any violations of the project rules or complaints about this participant from other participants of the playground.
5.2. Make changes to these Rules, gameplay and project economics without coordination with the participants.
5.3 Publish materials on third-party public resources, including personal data of participants (login, email, payeer wallet, IP, correspondence, etc.) with evidence of violations of these Rules by users.
5.4 Do not enter into (continue) correspondence with users who violate these Rules. Messages not related to the project will be ignored.
5.5 Terminate the site at any time without agreement with the participants.
5.6 View and modify user data.