How to Earn Money from cuptsa The essential objective of Cuptsa is to give a superior elective approach to change over your endeavors from tackle captchas in to genuine money.

We offer this alternative for free-of-charge, it means there is no sign-up fees or any investment from you pocket need to earn cash. We want to make life fun and easy as possible in you free time.

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Our Features

Captsa solving

Solve captchas for fun and make your points grow.


Earn by just answering. Surveys are Coming soon!

Referral Commision and Bonus

Get rewards on top of your solving points by referring.

Frequently Asked Questions

We implemented the points system in order to track how many captcha has been solve by a user. And also to calculate the amount of work they have exerted in solving those captcha test. This is to impose rewards for those who are working very hard in a fun way, that they may get what they have worked for.

A big no! Cuptsa is a service made to offer free services. This is built buy the Cuptsa team and with its partners to provide a service which everyone can benefit both partners and user. So just signup or register and you’re good to go, enjoy!

From your profile to all your transaction with the application you can find it in you dashboard. There will be a tabs to choose on whether what information you’d like to access. In the menu you’ll find a dropdown item and in that item you can get to dashboard.

Captcha is very important to regulate those people who are fun of sending spam in you website, blog site, or in you comments sections and also it provides safety as only real human can enter you site.

There will be two ways to sign up with referral. First, you can get the link of the user that refers you. Second you can directly ask for the code from the user that refers you to the application. And in the register page you will find the field which asked for that code. If you have the referral link it will automatically be entered. You can also send your referral link to you circle.

We implemented the timer as we cannot have captcha within captchas so the only solutions for spamming is to implement timer.